Our know-how


Our trades

Each day, the men and women at Buisard give their all to move our company forward and meet customer demands. They represent a wide range of knowledge and nearly 60 different specialties.
Our teams are working hard in production, logistics, R&D, customer and supplier relations, maintenance, robotics, quality and the administrative fields of finance and HR …

Yannick, operator on the numerically controlled machine

Our fleet of numerical controlled machines is varied.It goes from flat laser to tube laser, and includes folding presses and our range of bending machines

The operator on the numerically controlled machine is responsible for the choice of program on the machine which allows them to perform the production, adjust settings for maintaining the quality of the parts, 1st level maintenance and checking of their parts. They must also make sure to work in a safe environment.

Yannick recently followed a training program in Italy at the manufacturer of our new tube laser.

Romain, Welder

This is at the core of our business. We weld safety structures that participate daily in the safety of persons that drive our customer’s machines.
We have more than 50 MAG welders. The qualification of each one determines the level of responsibility entrusted in them.

Because of his desire to evolve, Romain has worked on all our welder stations so as to arrive at a more qualified position of bodywork spot welder.

Laurent, Industrial painter

This is without doubt, the trade where the quality of the work is the most sensitive. The precision of their work depends in large part of the final appearance of the cab delivered.

Painters share their time between the paint cabin, retouching work for perfect the appearance of the finished products and for others, the control of the robotized installation.

We have assisted Serge in his development so that nowadays, he is one of the reference persons for paintwork done by our painting robots.

Jérémy, Assembly operator

It is in this last production workshop that our cabs are prepared and finalized before being shipped to our customers. All of the components are mounted in the cab according to two modes of production. Conveyor production and fixed station production. Some operators acquire special skills in particular for gluing glass where rigor and high precision are needed. The most versatile workshop operators know up to 4 or 5 families of products.


Design, Concept& Development
Support services, Accounting, Purchasing, IT, Human Resources, Sales, etc.