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Our know-how

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our know-how

Cutting, bending and folding

Here, our professionals take raw materials (sheet metal, tubing, etc.), cut them out and give them a curved shape, by folding and bending, to assemble the parts that make up the cab components.
Our operators use digitally-controlled machines, flatbed laser cutting machines, tube laser cutting machines, bending and folding machines, and other precision equipment that is regularly updated.


Laser TUBE


Pipe benders


Press brakes

Manual welding

One of our largest workshops, manual welding, requires space to correctly house and position all of the parts manufactured in the previous workshop. To ensure ergonomics and safety during handling, welders have access to pneumatic manipulators, cranes, hoists, etc.

Robotic welding

12 welding robots occupy this workshop, 12 sophisticated machines with a large quantity of assembly equipment and operators in front of each robot. They have multiple tasks: loading the parts to be welded, starting the robot, removing the assembled parts and checking that the operation has been carried out correctly.

Surface treatment

This workshop has two main activities: cataphoresis and painting. The first involves treating surfaces by immersing metal structures in 13 successive baths (degreasing, phosphating, anti-corrosion treatment, application of after-paint, etc.). Mastic sealing is then applied on request.
The final appearance is achieved by applying a liquid lacquer using an electrostatic spray gun.


In the Assembly workshop, as the name suggests, operators fit, glue, screw, crimp, arrange, rivet, connect… in short, assemble the various parts (rivets, wiring harnesses, etc.).

Design office

Welcome to our design office, where around thirty team members work on Research & Development of solutions to meet our customers’ needs! Project managers, CAD drafters, prototypists, tool and die makers, and more work in close collaboration with both our customers and with operators of the Buisard workshops.