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The Fortaco - Buisard alliance

International Ambition

Through our alliance with the Finnish group Fortaco, Buisard has taken on a new dimension as we look to the future. What a road we’ve traveled in the last 80 years!

This dynamic is only the beginning, because we have big ambitions…

To quickly become the European Leader with the best client portfolio, the best product diversity and diversity across sectors (agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, handling, airports, etc., and the best geographical locations to serve markets as locally as possible.

And our ambition doesn’t stop at the European borders. We already have a cab development project in progress in Asia through a local partnership in India, and a target to set up shop in the United States with our “Go West” project.


Fortaco / Buisard: 2 forces

Alone we go faster, together we go further…

Fortaco and Buisard are 2 complementary forces coming together:

  • 10 factories
  • 3 factories dedicated to cabs
  • 2500 employees

An international dimension with know-how and cultures that work together

A solid foundation to build a promising and ambitious international future.



With over 80 years’ experience and strong growth, Buisard is a recognized cab brand across Europe.

As a full service supplier, Buisard is able to develop cabs from A to 2 with optimization of product design, but also of the manufacturing process.



The Fortaco group was created over 10 years ago, from the reorganization of a major actor in Northern Europe specialized in the production of special steels and the transformation of steel-based products, including cabs.

Since its creation, Fortaco has grown steadily by massively investing in technology and its production facilities located in Finland, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia.



Thanks to this strategic alliance, we are providing the technology to manufacture vehicle cabs for the off-road equipment industry under the Fortaco group
Our selection of combined cabs ranges from ready-to-use vehicle cabs that are fully assembled to high volume operator cabs for agricultural applications.
We have over 60 years of experience and are one of the major manufacturers in Europe.
Operations are located in Holic/Slovakia, Kurikka/Finland, and Le Mans/France.

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Buisard X Fortaco in Europe today