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The Buisard company undertakes to ensure the best level of protection of your personal data.

Who collects your personal data?

The processing manager established on the Buisard site is:

ZA La tuilerie
CS 30061
Route du Mans
72302 Sablé-sur-Sarthe

To whom are your personal data made available?

Your data are only made available to Buisard company employees.

What is the outcome of the processing of your personal data?

The Buisard company collects and saves the personal data of its internet users (customers, prospects and specifiers) in order to perform the following processing

  • Creation and management of the customer account
  • Information on new or modified services
  • Replying to questions and sending of sales proposals by e-mail (following your request)
  • Processing of sales statistics.

With the exception of sales prospection operations, Buisard considers that all of the above processing is necessary for the execution of these services. Sales prospection operations rely on the consent of the person concerned for the processing of their data.

For how much time are your data kept?

The Buisard company will keep your personal data for the following periods:
All of the personal data collected from the “customer” internet user will be kept throughout the whole commercial relations period and for a period of 5 years as of the end of said commercial period (e.g. As of the date of your last purchase, etc.). All of the personal data collected from the “prospect or specifier” internet user will be kept for a period of 3 years as of the last contact coming from the internet user (e.g. Request for information on a product, a click on a hypertext link, etc.).

What are your rights to access to personal data and how can you exercise them?

Any natural person using the service has the ability to exercise their rights of access, of rectification, of deletion and of opposition to the processing of data in compliance with articles 38 to 40 of the law of 6 January 1978. Pursuant to the regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016,the natural person can exercise their rights to the limitation of processing, to the deletion of their data and the portability as of 25 May 2018. These rights can be exercised by writing to the Buisard company who has collected the personal data in the following way:

By the post:
ZA La tuilerie
CS 30061
Route du Mans
72302 Sablé-sur-Sarthe

The Buisard company shall transmit a reply within a maximum deadline of 1 month following the exercise of the rights. In case of an unsatisfactory response, the person concerned has the ability to refer the matter to CNIL.


Definition of Cookies 

A Cookie is a text file likely to be saved, on condition of your choice, in a dedicated location of the storage space of your terminal, when consulting an on-line service using your browsing software. A Cookie file allows the issuer to identify the terminal in which it is saved, during the period of validity or saving of the Cookie.

What are the cookies used and for what purpose? 

In the framework of the operation of the Website, you are informed that we directly or indirectly install the cookies listed below.

Performance Cookies measure the audience of the Website

These Cookies allows information to be gathered on the way in which you use the Website (e.g. the most often consulted pages of the Website). These Cookies allow statistics and volumes of frequenting and use of miscellaneous elements comprising our Website (sections and content visited, visitor path) to be established, thus helping us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services.

For how long are the Cookies kept? 

We should like to inform you that the use of Cookies can be limited to the time of your browsing on the Website with the automatic deletion when you leave the Website (session Cookies) or can be kept for a defined lapse of time after your visit to the Website (persistent Cookies). In any case, the conservation time for Cookies will not exceed thirteen (13) months. 

How can you express your choice concerning the deposit of Cookies? 

Consent for the deposit of Cookies from the Website

The deposit of Cookies is conditioned by the agreement expressed by the User, and this can be expressed or modified at any time, through the choices that are offered you by your browsing software. The deposit and the reading of Cookies will not be performed:

  • If the User visits the Website (home page or directly on another page of the Website) and does not continue their browsing; or
  • If the User clicks on the link present on the strip which allows them to configure the Cookies, and where appropriate, to refuse the deposit of Cookies.

The general consent for the deposit of Cookies

At any moment, you can refuse the deposit of Cookies by configuring your browser. 

We inform you that the fact of un-installing a Cookie or opposing the installation of a Cookie on your hardware can modify your browsing experience and can prevent you from benefiting from certain services of the Website.

The configuration of each browser is different for the management of Cookies and of your choice. 

To assist you, you will find below, instructions on how to manage Cookies on the must currently used browsers:

Windows Internet Explorer® :

Mozilla Firefox : 

Google Chrome: 

Apple : 
If you want further information on the tools for managing Cookies, we invite you to consult the website of the French National Commission on Computing and Freedom [Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)] by clicking on the following link: www.cnil.fr/vos-droits/vos-traces/les-cookies.