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As a Coordinator of Industrialization Methods and Continuous Improvement

Job Description

As part of your role, you will be reporting to the Industrialization Methods Logistics Manager and you will be responsible for driving improvements in the workshop’s production processes.
In this role, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Propose and implement improvement actions on existing and future production lines.
    • Conduct critical analysis of the current processes and systems.
    • Simplify and optimize operating procedures.
    • Organize relocations and repositioning of equipment or resources.
    • Reduce inventory and work-in-progress (WIP).
    • Improve product quality and ergonomics of workstations.
    • Propose the necessary operator training for the changes.
    • Promote and disseminate “best practices” among the team.
    • Monitor and track the progress of actions over time.
    • Take the lead in on-site projects aimed at improving productivity, quality, safety, and ergonomics. Conduct risk analysis, problem-solving, 5S implementation, SMED
      • Estimate potential gains in terms of cost savings or efficiency improvements.
      • Propose and implement an organization that meets customer demand.
      • Achieve the goals of cost savings and timeline targets.
      • Participate in the industrialization of new products by:
        • Design the optimal operational sequence for the manufacturing process.
        • Estimate the operational time required for each task or operation.
        • Define and oversee the production of outsourced tools and equipment.
        • Provide assistance to the production team during the ramp-up phase.

        Desired Profile

        Junior engineer specializing in industrial production and continuous improvement and/or quality, you ideally have previous experience in an industrial environment.
        You are recognized for your interpersonal skills, autonomy, rigor & organization, common sense, and pragmatism. You are capable of integrating into a team with diverse profiles.

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