The BUISARD adventure starts in 1941; back then, Max BUISARD, the company's founder, sets up shop as a saddler, at Bazouges, in the Sarthe department.

In his workshop, he makes horse collars and leather goods sold on local and regional markets. The means are those of the beginning, but Max BUISARD's avantgard and cunning spirit already manifest itself through the creation of an extendable horse collar: a patent has been registered in 1955.


Drivers Safety : the BUISARD's Main Focus

The first PVC cab is produced in the 60's. From 1959 until 1995, 400.000 PVC cabs have been sold all over Europe. BUISARD organises shows with profesionnal stuntmen, in order to increase the public's awareness on their safety. The safety bars will become compulsory in 1976.

For his innovations and achievements in terms of safety and confort, Max BUISARD will be awarded by the French Agriculture Academy in 1992.


BUISARD in the Industrialisation Era
The first rigid cab is sold in 1972. At the same time, BUISARD is expanding : in 1975, the company relocates its offices in a new factory, in Sablé sur Sarthe, Route du Mans.

6.000 covered square meters and few years later, BUISARD became an obvious choice in the field of automotive cabs production.